Geoffrey Semaganda

Geoffrey Semaganda

Founder, Action Wealth Academy


Geoffrey Semaganda is a world-renowned speaker, mentor, businessman, and philanthropist whose best-selling books and seminars have inspired thousands throughout Europe and the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the States.  As founder and CEO of the Action Wealth Group, Geoffrey consults to companies and organizations around the world, particularly in real estate and global business development, helping them to develop new opportunities and run more efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

Through his expert trainings and product development programs, Geoffrey’s Action Wealth Publishing company has helped hundreds of ordinary people leverage their knowledge, experience, and passion to produce books, workshops, and substantial wealth-generating suites of products.

Geoffrey is a spokesperson for three international charities dedicated to causes he works tirelessly for: Youth Development, Fresh Water Wells, and Giving Blood. He often shares the stage with some of the best business and motivational speakers in the world, has appeared on numerous television and radio shows all around the globe, and educated more than 500,000 people through his business consultancy courses and live seminars.

Wealth Messenger:
How to Position, Package and Promote Yourself as an Expert in your Chosen Field
The Action Wealth Creation System:
How to Be the Best, Create Multiple Streams of Income, & Make your Money Work for You
Write a Book in Ten Days:
The Expert’s Book-Writing Workbook
Financial Literacy for Kids and their Parents:
How to Make, Manage, Multiply, and Protect Money
LEAD In Your Chosen Field as a SUPER Successful Business Consultant:
Your Step-by-Step Practical Guide to Starting, Building and Sustaining a Successful Consulting
Career in the 21st Century

Action Wealth System Weekend Seminar
Six-Figure Wealth Messenger
Write your Expert Book in 10 Days
Seven-Figure Expert Roundtable Coaching Program
Financial Literacy for Teens and Their Parents
It’s Your Time to Profit from Real Estate

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Geoffrey Semaganda